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    Vermont Castings Catalytic Combustor


    Vermont Castings Catalytic Combustor



    Vermont Castings Catalytic Combustor



    part # ACI 5C this Catalytic Combustor is for older Vermont Castings stoves. Measures 2.5″ x 13″ x 2″ it’s best if you measure your current part as the stoves take a smaller cat, it looks the same from a distance but there are two different parts that are not compatible….. the following are the compatible stoves, Models 0041 Resolute Acclaim, 1280 Winterwarm  2140/2170/2190, Defiant Encore

    This Combustor is banded AKA canned or a Stainless Steel Can
    The replacement Catalytic Combustors that we sell come with a with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. A warranty card is supplied with each combustor that we sell, please fill out and send in when received. This pro-rated warranty will cover your catalytic combustor up to 6 years from the time of purchase as long as the conditions for the warranty are met.

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