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BroilMaster Qrave

BroilMaster Qrave


BroilMaster Qrave

The Most Versatile and Durable
Cooker Known To Man

  • Stainless Steel Oval Burner adjusts from 26,500 Btu LP/25,000 Btu Nat. to 7,500 Btu (cooks more than 50 hours on one tank on low)
  • Deep Cast Aluminum Grill Head Maintains Consistent Temperature
  • Two-Piece Stainless Steel Cooking Grids (2-level) Maximize Space
  • Full-Area, Stainless Steel Drip Pan with Drain Valve
  • External Drip Bucket
  • Built-In Smoker Tray for Wood Chips or Pellets
  • Electric Igniter Lights All Season on One AA Battery
  • Made in USA


Slow Cooking

The stainless steel drip pan serves as a barrier between your food and the fire below.  Dual-Control gas burner swirls up around the sides of the pan, creating a convection effect that helps cook foods uniformly.


Close the drain valve, fill the drip pan with water and set the burner to HIGH to steam vegetables, crab legs, and other foods.



A slide-out tray lets you monitor or add your favorite wood chips to pellets without opening the cooker’s lid.


Qrave grill can still deliver the heat for making burgers, steaks, chicken breasts and more.

Qrave Cooker Features


Two-Piece Stainless Steel Diamond Pattern Grids (2-Level) Precision Probe Heat Indicator Stainless Steel Drip Pan


Collection Bucket Stainless Steel Control Panel Front-Load


Qrave Package

Everything you need to start cooking – all in one cartonQ3PK1 Package includes:
• Q3X Grill Head (Propane)
• Painted Steel Package Cart
• Drop-Down Side Shelf

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